The nature of the 16 game NFL season requires a fan to wait over 200 days between watching the confetti fall in February…to donning their favourite colours on a brisk Thursday in September. That is a lot of time to think (for some of us, overthink) what the next season could possibly bring us. While the common assumption is this season could not possibly be the same as the last, the last 4 seasons have left us watching New England in the AFC Championship game, and an NFC West team in the NFC Championship. Now whether thats the case this year or not, the 5 month ride and never ending well of false hope is what makes the NFL our favourite past time. On to week 1…

Pick of the week: Buffalo runs over Indianapolis 

      Starting the season off with a bang. The Colts have been almost unanimously chosen as the Super Bowl 50 winners going into September, and why not?. They have arguably the best QB in the league at the age of 26.. an arsenal to throw the football at.. veteran leadership.. whats the problem?. This isn’t us debating Andrew Luck hoisting the Lombardi in February, but on Sunday he may be running for his life rather than running the hottest offense in the NFL.

      The Bills have one of the most vaunted front four in football, the interior rush is as good if not better than the outside with Dareus and Kyle Williams wrecking peoples day. Somebody has to block Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes, and I’m not sure Gosder Cherilus is the guy.. Mario Williams sack totals have increased year by year since coming to Buffalo (10.5, 13, 14.5) and with Rex at the helm, the sky might be the limit.

      Having said all that about the O-line, the defensive line of the Colts is where the vast of the concerns is. Anyone that knows Rex Ryan knows he likes to run the ball. Anyone who has watched Greg Roman or owned a San Francisco pass catcher in fantasy over the past 4 years knows he likes to run the ball. I think its safe to say they might run the ball. The Colts defense has had trouble with the run in the past. Just watch the 2014 AFC championship game, or when they played the Patriots earlier that year. Those were games where they had their centre piece in Arthur Jones, who recently was put on IR with an ankle injury.

      Despite Buffalo not exactly having the Cowboys offensive line out there, I expect them to run the ball down Indy’s throat. Keeping Luck off the field, and keeping the Bills defense fresh. The Colts will have to stack the box to have any chance of stopping McCoy, leaving a mobile young QB in Tyrod with lanes to run, and man coverage on the outside with Watkins, Harvin and Woods. Rex knows how hard this is to defend… finally giving his defense a complimentary offense that he never could have had with the Jets. (no offence to Mark Sanchez and co.).

      If Indianapolis can some how establish the run with Gore, or take advantage of the rookie in Darby on the outside, this game could be a different story. As it currently stands, give us the Bills.


      Two RB’s go for over 200 yards this weekend. The aforementioned Lesean McCoy runs wild against the Colts, and Adrian Peterson makes a statement on Monday Night Football against the Niners. Peterson has had a long time to think about this game, and when a man who ran for one of the best seasons in NFL history on a reconstructed knee, says he is going to run for 2500 yards… you sit back and listen.

The Remaining 30

      Give us Minnesota, Philadelphia, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, Seattle, New York(Jets), Jacksonville, Kansas City, and Green Bay.